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Второ издание на Форум Права

11-ти март 2023

"Statelessness" Anna Velikova and Kalina Slavova

"Statelessness" Anna Velikova and Kalina Slavova

Anna Velikova has been an information expert at the Foundation for Access to Rights since 2022. Her interest in human rights was awakened after participating in several PHAR trainings - Defend and Action Research. After these, Anna realized that human rights was something she would like to do and became an intern at the Access to Rights Foundation. With the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine, she is part of the team and has been actively helping Ukrainian refugees for almost a year. She created a Telegram channel, aimed directly at the Ukrainian community, as well managing the platform - Being a Ukrainian native speaker, Anna volunteered to translate part of the content of the educational platform created within the KIDS4ALL project. ​ Anna Velikova holds a bachelor's degree in "International Relations" from Sofia University, and is currently pursuing a double master's degree in EU Law at the University of Nancy and Sofia University. In addition, a huge part of her activity is voluntary initiatives, which she implements together with the Multi-Cult collective, for which she is the winner of the national award "Volunteer of the Year 2022". Kalina Slavova has been working at the Foundation for Access to Rights for more than a year and is an alumni of the organization from the ActionR training. She is a legal assistant to the PHAR lawyers in Sofia a researcher on the COMP4SEE project, which examines alternative methods for the legal reception and integration of refugees, as well as a translator of educational materials for the KIDS4ALLL project. Outside of PHAR, she is a student at Sofia University, majoring in law. She participates in the Circle of International Public Law at Sofia University and chairs the club of the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross. She is also one of the contestants in the Sofia University team in the All-European International Humanitarian and Refugee Law Moot Court competition, organized by the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, where the Bulgarian team took second place.
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